Boschvelder Chickens

Boschvelder ChickensIMG_0493

Bosvelder Breed Origin:
These chickens truly South African. Mike Bosch from Bela Bela , a respected Beefmaster, bred this indigenous fowl.  The focus was producing a strong healthy breed that could withstand our harsh climate,  survive on what nature can provide with just a little extra supplement feed. They have an excellent built in immunity which helps them withstand poultry diseases. Hens start laying at 24 weeks.

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Bosvelder Egg Facts:
Excellent, 6 large sized eggs per  week, brown in color

Bosvelder Personality:
Hardy in winter, prefers free range but does cope in confinement. They are not especially docile, are good setters and are calm and patient

Bosvelder Fancy Features:
These large chickens have a red crested comb, no feathers on their legs and have 4 toes.